Long Term Strategic Planning Creates Higher Team and Organizational Success Through Optimistic Leadership and Inclusion of Diversity

Successful organizations have been linked to long-term strategic planning, transformational leadership, and diversity. This study illustrates the increasing evidence supporting the importance of adapting effective planning and structures that will lead to a higher performance and organizational success. Strategic planning is the most creative aspect of leadership; it has an important impact on organizational performance and it helps leaders run their business effectively and efficiently. Implementing a proper strategic plan will help leaders in any organization to make the right decision in a rapidly changing environment and increase team alignment to achieve common goals. Transformational leadership style is about implementing new ideas and developing others in a diverse team to bring out creativity and innovation and to reduce employee turnover in order to improve productivity of the organization. Following an extensive literature review, the study determines that long-term strategic planning process, leadership performance, and diversity are the key elements in the organization‘s success. The methodology of the study indicates the effectiveness of the Organizational Performance and Change Model in outlining the implementation of transformational leadership and its positive effects on the external and internal environments of the organization. Overall, the study contributes a greater understanding of how long term strategic planning and effective decision making, along with positive leadership styles and skills, are key factors in creating higher organizational success comprised of team building and diversity.

Suzan Nash
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