Humor Infused Child Discipline Training for Parents: Is This Thing on?

This literature review investigated humor and the subsequent benefits within interpersonal relationships. The results found that humor is useful within several areas of functioning including coping, stress and tension relief, building connections, and gaining perspective. Additional results found that the development of a sense of humor in childhood allows children to express negative emotions and gain a sense of connection with the adults in their lives. The author proposes that when applied to the parent/child relationship, humor serves as a tool to manage unwanted behaviors in children, to handle parental stress, and build strong family connections. With the use of Adlerian parenting concepts, a child guidance workshop is created and implemented within a community setting. This workshop educates parents on effective behavior management using an approach that integrates humor and democratic parenting techniques. An assessment of the effectiveness of the workshop based on participant evaluations and implications for future use is discussed.

Stephanie R. Martin
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