Exploring Dance/Movement Therapy Concepts Relate to Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy

Individual Psychology is also known as Adlerian Psychology that founded by Alfred Adler. The reason Adler chose the term “Individual” is because in German, the term Individualpsychologie means the psychology of unique, indivisible, and undivided person, which fully present Adler viewed individual as a whole and inseparable. Contemporary, the idea of holistic/holism has become more and more popular in health care field. Research also shows that Adler‘s view of interconnectedness of human beings and their natural proclivities toward cooperation has gradually been proved by anthropologists and biologists. According to Adler, life is all about movement and all movements have direction. Concepts in Adlerian Psychology are very applicable in Dance/Movement Therapy. In this paper, a classical Adlerian Psychotherapy will be used as a basic structure to integrate Adlerian concepts with Dance/Movement Therapy.

Nai-Li Lin
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