Doing Hope

For graduate students personal growth involves individual life transitions as they journey through their studies and internship experiences. The challenge of letting go of who we were to becoming who we hope to be sometimes stretches emotional resources. The additional stressors of personal, family and community concerns as well as natural and manmade disasters can cause hope to wane. Working with clients who have experienced violence, violation, or other trauma can cause graduate level interns and other caregivers to experience secondary trauma and loss of hope. Doing hope is a model inspired by Dr. Kaethe Weingarten to help students witness their own and other‘s trauma from an aware and empowered position. Interns and other caregivers feeling of loss of hope or not belonging, sometimes referred to as burnout, diminishes with this awareness. By being empowered, aware compassionate witnesses we are able to create the conversational space for reasonable hope (Weingarten, 2010). Doing hope together can transform individuals and communities.

Marilyn Hesser
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