Perspectives On What It Means To Be an Adlerian In The 21st Century

This paper investigates what it means to be an Adlerian and whether Adler?s ideas have relevance in the 21st century. The research includes a literature review and a qualitative study in which twenty individuals were interviewed in-person during the 2010 North American Society of Adlerian Psychologists? annual meeting and another seven individuals provided written responses to a questionnaire afterwards. The interview consisted of basic demographic information and the question “What does it mean to be an Adlerian?” The data was analyzed to identify patterns in the responses based on sex, age, and length of exposure to Adlerian study that are described. An Adlerian Archetype is developed based on characteristics the author identifies from the literature and the interviews. The author concludes there is need for more research into the validity of the Adlerian Archetype and the usefulness of exposure to Adlerian Psychology for developing the identified characteristics. Should this research prove that greater exposure to Adlerian study promotes the development of the identified characteristics, the author proposes this shows a strong basis for increasing the profile of Adlerian theory.

Lori Ann Wagner
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