Individual Psychology for an Online World: Implementation of an Adlerian Focused Web Based Learning Community

This paper describes the theoretical and practical foundations for and the initial implementation of a Web based learning community focused on the individual psychology of Alfred Adler its relevancy in an online world. This author‘s motivation for creating the learning community (which is termed Adler ETC.) is discussed. A case study of the role that Adler ETC. could play to facilitate sharing information about best practice in online instruction is briefly described. The case study includes a discussion of some individual psychology concepts that have informed this author‘s practice of instruction. The implementation path followed to establish Adler ETC. is discussed, including (a) brief technical notes, (b) initial content made available in Adler ETC., and (c) facilitation of the growth of a cyberculture of which Adler ETC. is a component. Steps taken to publicize the learning community and the results obtained are detailed. This author concludes that Adler ETC. is a potentially useful tool for promoting knowledge and practice of individual psychology in online contexts and specifies additional steps that should be taken to increase the visibility and member perception of the value of Adler ETC.

Leonard Snyder
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