Increasing the Graduation Rate for Students with Low Socioeconomic Status: A Reference for School Counselors

The graduation rate in the United States is an important topic and large area of concern. Since the 1960‘s, statistics have shown little or no increase in the number of students who finish high school with a diploma (Heckman and LaFontaine, 2010). Overwhelmingly, the most affected by this are students across our country in low socioeconomic status. This research paper lays out the critical issues regarding high school graduation for students who are part of the low socioeconomic status in the United States. It covers what issues affect graduation rates among low SES students, trends and concerns of the current graduation rate in our country, and the role of the school counselor regarding this issue. It looks at what is being done and what needs to be done in order to improve the graduation rates among this group of students.

Jennifer Marie Blaido
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