Parenting Styles and Child Development

This project will determine how certain parenting styles impact child development. Within this project, the behavior of children and its outcome will be studied. Many studies have been conducted to find out in what ways do parent‘s influence a child‘s development. Many different forms of parenting exist. From birth, a child seeks someone to guide him down the right path. The actual effect of parenting is sometimes not detected until a child reaches adulthood. When a parent enforces certain parenting styles on a child it can lead to either a child‘s success or failure. A child can often have low self-esteem, exhibit poor performance in school, isolate himself from others, or become extremely unhappy. Other parenting styles have a positive effect on children, which increases the chance of being successful and worthwhile as individuals. This researcher believes that a child models his parents‘ behavior based on the observation of each gender and the captured idea of what is expected and set by society and the generations that came before. Many children have the tendency to take on a parent‘s traditional way of thinking whether it relates to his beliefs, values, or judgmental process. For instance, if a parent is an alcoholic or a drug addict, this kind of lifestyle can highly affect the choices that a child may make.

Elizabeth Ann Rainwater
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