The Positive Effects of Prayer and Faith on Mental Health With an Overview of Integrating the Fifth Task of Life

This paper reviews research on the positive effects of prayer and faith on mental health. The varying opinion of researchers on the subject matter, Biblical verses, various studies, models and tables present the information reviewed. The relationship of mankind to God is seen from a Christian and an Adlerian perspective. The Adlerian position on the subject matter written is incorporated throughout this paper, including a perspective on social interest. An overview of treating the client holistically embodies the essence of this paper. In order to treat the entire being, the importance of integrating the fifth task of life (spirituality) into one‘s life style is seen to be of special interest. Included in these writings is a debate regarding whether or not to treat the client holistically. The relevant Code of Ethics is noted in this paper. This writer has evaluated the articles found to be significant in this area of research on mental health.

Cynthia B. Doms
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