Navigating Transitions: Do Story and the 4 Mores Model Effect Performance and Community Engagement?

Life is filled with transitions; navigating them can prove difficult for people and organizations. This master‘s project examines and documents conditions and practices that may contribute to people navigating key transitions, finding their place of resonance, and answering a key life question: am I good enough? It explores pathways that may help people accept themselves for themselves and become more of who they are. Research on the role of story and the qualities of clarity, courage, confidence and compassion may provide insight into effective ways to ease the task of transitions for people and improve their performance and community engagement. The findings show that claiming one‘s story, including early recollections, can be useful to a person‘s success in transitioning to living a purposeful life. Also, the research shows that the qualities of clarity, courage, confidence and compassion, including self-compassion, contribute to people‘s performance and community engagement and may prove useful in satisfactorily finding one‘s place in life.

Catherine Reid Day
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