Serial Killers: Evolution, Antisocial Personality Disorder and Psychological Interventions

Serial killers as a phenomenon have been a part of American history for generations. There are many theories as to why people go on to become murderers, such as various mental disorders with the most prevalent disorder believed to be linked to serial killers being antisocial personality disorder. There are many different ways to test adolescents and young adults for antisocial personality disorder and other personality disorders as well as different ways to intervene. Throughout this paper, I will explain the different types of testing that can be done in order to determine whether or not someone has or is at risk for antisocial personality disorder and some intervention strategies. The last portion of my paper is case studies of some known and not so well known serial killers and their short biographies. Included in their case studies are their histories growing up and how they evolved into the murderers that they became and what the consequences of their actions were.

Beth I. Cook
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