Digital Modality for Promoting Adlerian Parenting Programs A Literature Review and Prototype of an On-line Program

The digital modality is ideal for communicating information and is by nature a virtual community. This can be demonstrated by the many sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and others which include members of all ages. The amount of time spent with on-line “friends” for many exceeds time spent physically with family and friends. This is a social network and one that looks to be a part of the social structure of our society for a long time. A distance learning program is operationally simple and can be controlled and monitored to derive valuable feedback for future studies. As such, it is a visionary form for clinicians to gather data and communicate with individuals interested in advancing their parenting skills. Furthermore, this work will provide arguments for developing such a program that can be implemented to benefit our communities. Selected research showing Adlerian parenting programs as effective and efficient in promoting positive change in a family will also be presented in this article.

Lisa Marie Raines
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