The Link between Human Connection and Medically Unexplained Symptoms

The presence of medically unexplained symptoms can be stressful, debilitating and costly, both to the individual and society. Due to the dualistic nature of these symptoms as potentially having both medical and psychological components, understanding of their etiology and maintenance is limited. Additionally, insight to this topic is complicated because of the wide range of terms used in existing literature. This paper will clarify those terms. There are several existing schools of thought on the theories and contributing factors of medically unexplained symptoms. Attempts to explain the phenomenon including conversion, somatization, personality factors and intergenerational patterns. This paper seeks to review those theories and factors and expand on them by examining and supporting the concept of an existing link between human connection and medically unexplained symptoms. Suggestions for future research will be recommended as well as possibilities for treatment of medically unexplained symptoms.

Kim Carter
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