Motivation and Job Satisfaction: Crucial Factors that Impact Employees' Long-Term Job Satisfaction and Personal Growth

The three life tasks of Adlerian theory are friendship, work, and love. This thesis examines the life task of work, looking at job satisfaction in particular. Although one may experience job satisfaction due to extrinsic reasons, this research identifies the outcomes for both intrinsic and extrinsic factors in relation to job satisfaction. There are numerous factors that come into play when looking at levels of job satisfaction. This thesis examines the factors of motivation type and job choice. Task significance and individual performance are also explored as crucial factors related to job satisfaction and the culture of an organization. With the current US economic situation, money and rewards are of high importance for many individuals, thus determining their job satisfaction based solely on extrinsic reasons. Passion and wanting to contribute to society in one‘s job may be getting pushed to the side due to extrinsic factors. However, for long-term job satisfaction and personal growth there should be some level of intrinsic motivation. Managers and hiring personnel need to understand that for long term success for an organization, it is vital to hire employees that want to be there for intrinsic reasons.

Kathryn Bazan
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