Working with Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Working with adults with AD/HD presents special challenges and opportunities for an Adlerian clinician. Successful psychotherapy and coaching for adults with AD/HD require a thorough understanding of the disorder, possible medications, how the symptoms differ from children to adults, and that each individual with AD/HD can be affected by in a variety of ways. The psychotherapist/coach and client must establish a relationship where the client feels that past behaviors are not judged and the goals they set together are realistic and attainable. The Adlerian psychotherapist, by uncovering the past through the process of lifestyle assessment, affords the client the opportunity to move from negative feelings about the past to optimism for the future. Coaching allows the client to establish practical skills to overcome the frustrations of disorganization, poor time management, and other challenges specific to each individual. With hard work and encouragement an adult with AD/HD can achieve success in all of the Adlerian life tasks.

Karen S Peterson
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