The Relationship Between Self-esteem and Academic Achievement

This master‘s project contains information about the relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement and/or performance along with suggestions for student interventions and treatments. Included are the definitions of both self-esteem and academic achievement along with the importance of studying their relationship, what constitutes the relationship, the methodology used in the studies, the clinical/school implications and future research regarding these two variables. About half of the research observed that academic achievement has an effect on self-esteem. Other research found that self-esteem has an effect on academic achievement. Still other studies found that its relationship has no direction. When the studies observed students of different cultures, ages, and races, many theories on self-esteem and academic achievement were found to be questionable due to outside factors and the ambivalence of the definitions of the variables. School counseling interventions in improving both self-esteem and academic achievement are also noted as conditions in building an effective comprehensive guidance curriculum for students. Future research between these two variables is necessary especially for school counselors to help identify whether providing self-esteem building services will improve academic achievement.

Jennell Karen Ulrich
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