Streamlining Adlerian Theory

This paper identifies six significant and compatible techniques that can enhance the quality and productivity of Adlerian therapists in a world with ever-changing market conditions. These products and techniques are:

  1. The SmartDraw family constellation/genogram tool
  2. The Walton Brief Lifestyle Analysis
  3. Computerization for the enhancement of many practice aspects
  4. The Bitter and Nicoll brief therapy approach
  5. The Arno Profiles System (APS) for rapid personality matching to Adlerian therapeutic concepts
  6. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) for clients suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, trauma, phobias, grief, somatic disorders, abuse, and eating disorders.

Managed care has changed the landscape of traditional therapy so that every moment is precious in therapy, and every cost must be minimized. In order to be a successful therapist today, one must recognize these seemingly irreversible trends and adapt. This paper supports the theory that clinician adaptation of any of the tools presented herein will significantly enhance quality and reduce cost for Adlerian clients and therapists by speeding up results and reducing therapy room time. These products and processes can be viewed as accessories that enable customization of the practice to match its unique requirements and the skills and predilections of the counselor. They are independent from one another with the exception of the computer, and can be selected and added at times that are convenient for the clinician.

James K. McCleary
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