The Hidden Treasures of Self Care

Self care in the human services field is an emerging issue. The author asserts that it is a hidden treasure that every professional needs to discover about themselves. It is crucial to the emotional health and psychological well being of the helping professional. This subject is underdeveloped and misunderstood among the practitioners themselves. In one study (Mahoney, 1997) authors found that therapist‘s attitudes toward their own self care were indifferent. The aim of this thesis will be to explore the various aspects that hinder healthy self care. The article will look at consequences of therapists chronic lack of integrated self care such as: compassion fatigue, secondary traumatization, vicarious traumatization and burnout. This paper will define and explore what healthy self care actually is. Finally, we will move to the discussion of how students from the Adler Graduate School perceive their own self care and the issues that surround it. Questions about self care and strategies to improve it will be discussed.

Gina Munnelly
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