The Correlation Between Healthy Organizations, Executive Director Leadership, Diversity and The Effect of These Relationships on Nonprofit Boards

The concept of Community Nonprofit Organization, or organizations working not for corporate profits but rather for the benefit of a particular group of people or neighborhoods, has grown as the resources to aid these groups on a governmental level have decreased. People with wealth have formed foundations over the years as tax shelters for enormous wealth and also to contribute some of their good fortune to those less fortunate. Nonprofit organizations utilize boards as well as executive directors for their governance. The makeup of these boards usually has no connection to, and do not reflect the constituents that they serve. This study hopes to discover why this is so, and also hopes to raise awareness of the usefulness of an inclusive board of directors who are able to understand and be part of the discussion of community needs and transformations. This needs to occur for the benefit of all concerned: constituents, executive directors, board members and the foundation chairperson. Interviews will be conducted with these groups to determine the correct path of action to hopefully transform the system to be inclusive and diverse.

Evelyn Haas
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