Volunteerism in a Creative Organization: Factors Leading to Continuing Participation

The following is a study undertaken to look at an organization local to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The organization, Voltage: Fashion Amplified (VFA), offers a unique set of opportunities to the volunteer community. This study intends to look not only at this particular organization, but the volunteer community as a whole in order to best understand what brings an individual to an organization. From this one can better determine how to ensure the continued participation of said volunteer. In order to do this, a literature review examined research already done on the topic. A quantitative and a qualitative survey were performed on a set of individuals within VFA to derive meaning in their participation. Finally, conclusions are made regarding the results of the study and recommendations given regarding the future of the organization. In light of this study‘s use as a partial fulfillment for a Master's at Adler Graduate School, an Adlerian commentary is included throughout the paper.

Sarah Madsen
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