Ties That Bond: Attachment From Childhood to Adulthood

A human being‘s first intimate relationship is the mother-child relationship. The love between a mother and infant is the result of an attachment bond formed during the first year of life. Interactions between a mother and a child form behavioral patterns that are reflected in later relationships. This paper will provide an overview of the groundbreaking work on attachment theory, started by John Bowlby and continued by Mary Ainsworth and Mary Main, who established a working theory from which to view adult love. This paper will further explore Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which views a couple‘s distress in terms of attachment insecurities. EFT focuses on moving individuals towards each other in close emotional connection and away from separate, emotional isolation. The author investigated connection between attachment theories and Adlerian conceptualization of human connectedness. Looking at behavior in relationships through the attachment lens allows for the strengthening and rebuilding the ties that emotionally bond.

Mary (Tia) Hernandez Petrulo
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