The Assessment of Sexual Abuse in Incarcerated Female Juveniles: The Psychological Testing and Measurement of Attitudes in Incarcerated Female Juveniles Who have been Sexually Abused

A large percentage of incarcerated juvenile females have been sexually abused at one, or more, times in their life. As a result of their sexual abuse, many of these female juveniles develop unhealthy and unrealistic views about the correlation between love and sex and how to form healthy emotional attachments in their interpersonal relationships. This research paper will review several different psychological tests that measure how sexual abuse has affected female juvenile‘s lifestyles and beliefs. This paper will also attempt to determine which psychological tests, from when they are admitted, up to when they are discharged from a correctional facility, are the most accurate and valid in measuring their overall views on healthy emotional attitudes towards sexual and interpersonal relationships.

Joel A. Wortman
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