Influential Factors Impacting an Organization through Restructuring

Changes that are introduced in an organizational restructuring will affect the communication, decision-making, role clarification and the well-being of organization members, given the potential for uncertainty that may accompany such changes. There is a need to better understand the consequences of organizational restructuring and consider some of its potential side effects on the work environment. Employees in a restructuring context are understandably wary about the future direction ofthe organization and their roles within it. There are many studies that attempt to examine communication, decision-making and role clarification in many different areas of organizations, this paper will examine these factors. Additionally, the interrelationships between connnunication, decision-making and role clarification including their antecedents in the work environment are examined. Communication, decision-making and role clarification levels were tracked months after organizational restructuring began for varying types of changes that were initiated during the restructuring. COlmnunication, decision-making and role clarification levels were very low compared to before restructuring. Senior managers should realize that communication decision-making and role clarification are important ingredients for the effective functioning of an organization and to actively ensure that support systems or structures are adequate and available to mitigate the negative impact, particularly if the changes to be implemented are extensive.

Kristina Heather Wendt
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