The Effect of EFT on Couples Dealing with Trauma

This literature review examines the effects of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) on couples dealing with trauma. The research focused on marital relationships and the application of EFT on couples who met criteria for experiencing marital distress. A majority of the research focused predominately on five main categories of variables: PTSD, significant experiences of trauma in couples, EFT on certain populations, processes of EFT and attachment. The studies mainly support the claim that there is a significant difference in relationship satisfaction between distressed couples who received EFT than those whom have not. Overall, the research found that EFT demonstrates efficacy in creating safety, security and comfort in intimate relationships. As such, EFT is shown to address patients‘ and partners‘ experience of trauma as well as interactions in the relationship (Rolland, 1994).

Crystal Lee Nelson
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