The Effect of Bibliotherapy on Depression

This paper undertakes a non-exhaustive literature review of the use of bibliotherapy in the treatment of a single mental health condition Ôæñ that of depression. Ten papers reporting on empirical studies were selected from this body of research. Various parts of these studies are compared and contrasted with each other in an effort to reach a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations in the use of bibliotherapy as an intervention for depression. The full integrative paper includes the author‘s personal reflections on her learning while completing a Master‘s Degree at the Adler Graduate School. Many facets of coursework, internship experiences, and independent readings and trainings are examined for their impacts on the author‘s professional and relevant personal development. An electronic and a bound copy are presented to the school‘s library as part of its permanent record. According to school policy, it omits the portions including the author‘s evaluations of the internships she completed and her examination of her development as a psychotherapist.

Rebecca Chesin
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