Spiritual Anorexia: Starving for Meaning and Purpose: The Next Generation of Diagnosis and a Prescription for Hope

Mental illness and increasing reliance on
psychopharmacological interventions are placing a strain on
social service delivery systems, and taking a toll on
relationships. Curiously there seems to be more diagnosis
and treatment in the United States than any other culture.
In a country with more opportunities and wealth than any
other, we also see a hunger for "more." It is precisely
this desire for more and the journey people take to find
meaning and purpose that prompted me to research this
paper. The timeless problem of searching for meaning has
been compounded with pop culture demands and created a
generation of starved for both meaning and purpose.
How can we feed the starvation in a healthy way and
maintain a balance of emotional, physical and spiritual
In this paper I look at the spiritually anorexic client,
the development of the problem, and contributions from
three schools of thought. In the theoretical analysis of
the contributions of psychology, philosophy and theology, I
will propose a hybrid theory to help treat and encourage
today's client.

Michelle M. Saari
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