Infertility: Its Emotional Costs (click here for more)

5/18/2018 - 1:15pm to 4:30pm CDT

Infertility is a sensitive issue that affects not only the infertile couple but also their extended family and friends. It is an issue in which the emotional stress builds from the couple’s first awareness of their inability to conceive through the medical assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Couples struggling with infertility problems often find themselves overwhelmed by their emotional dilemma. Divorce, impotence, the inability to attain orgasm, loss of self-esteem, shame, and social withdrawal often result when the infertility persists. A clear understanding of one’s values, attitudes and feelings toward infertility is essential for a couple’s well-being. Drawing on research and clinical work in the area of infertility and sexuality, along with his personal life experience, the workshop leader will present information embedded in Adlerian theory and guided experiential discussion and exercises aimed at exploring infertility issues and concerns. To register, please click HERE.


  • To increase understanding of the impact infertility has on the couple
  • To increase understanding of and to come to term with one's own infertility
  • To identify new ways of coping with the emotional aspects of infertility

Leftheris has been a didactic instructor and core faculty member of the Adler Graduate School since 1989. He practiced as a marriage and family therapist both in private clinics and in private practice in Minneapolis and St Paul for 30 years. He worked with issues of addiction and recovery, shame and guilt, depression, anxiety, intimacy, sexuality, and infertility in his practice. He was an adjunct assistant professor in the Chemical Dependency/Family Treatment Training Program at St. Catherine University and adjunct faculty in the Program of Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He has extensive training in marriage and family therapy and sexuality.

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Leftheris Papageorgiou, MA, LMFT
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