Adlerian Approaches to Executive Coaching (click here for more)

6/8/2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

The Adlerian principles of social interest, democracy, and encouragement provide an effective framework for training professionals on coaching and employee-engagement competencies. Training programs that integrate Adlerian concepts into skill building exercises provide solid foundations for employee growth. Translating Adlerian theory into action through collaborative and motivational practices, leaders can develop an organizational culture strengthened by the mutually respectful interplay of individual engagement and empowering leadership. To register click here. To use a workshop package, please contact Ev Haas at 612-767-7044.


  • Engage in a variety of demonstrations illustrating use of Adlerian techniques to executive coaching.
  • Receive a copy of the book Strength-Based Leadership, complete its leadership profile, and apply these strengths with the accompanying asset-based insights.
  • Formulate a professional development plan to develop and enhance their leadership strengths

This workshop is led by Douglas Pelcak, MA, LSC, and Joseph Volker, Ph.D., L.P.. Douglas Pelcak is a Core Faculty member at the Adler Graduate School, cooridnates AGS School Counseling Service Center and Internship Supervision, and maintains a private practice in Wayzata, Minnesota. His encouraging style helps build learning environments that enhance the learning of new insights and skills. He has worked with Joseph Volker for many years and established with him a respected clinic for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. Joseph M. Volker has been a coach for most of his life. He is exhilarated by the process of helping leaders sort out their priorities, find their growing edge, and push themselves to new achievements. From 1993 – 2016 Joe was employed by MDA Leadership Inc. as a principal consultant and master coach. He has worked for a wide variety of organizational clients including: Cargill, Essential Health, Pentair, CenterPoint Energy, Medtronic, Tennant Company and many others.

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Douglas Pelcak, MA, LSC, and Joseph Volker, Ph.D., L.P.
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To register, click here or call (612) 767-7044.