Managing Groups with Client Centered Focus (click here for more)

2/16/2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

Based on the work of Irvin Yalom, Alfred Adler, Systemic Theory, and crisis intervention strategies, this training is designed to help facilitators maximize the effectiveness of group treatment modalities by utilizing “here-and-now” interventions to bring awareness to personal experiences as they unfold during group sessions. Strategies for implementing group norms, redirecting/deescalating discussions, engaging hesitant clients, building group cohesiveness, building on client strengths, and helping facilitators maintain positive regard for clients will be introduced and discussed. Participants will be given the foundational tools to feel confident in their ability to move groups in productive ways and to facilitate therapeutic changes among group members. To register please click HERE. To participate in the workshop package please contact Evelyn Haas at (612) 767-7044.

Rachael Cavegn, MA, LAMFT, is an alumna of Adler Graduate School with 7 years of counseling and therapy experience with individual and family clients coping with relational struggles, CPS involvement, parenting dynamics, SPMI diagnoses, trauma, chemical addiction, poverty, and offender histories.

Rachael Cavegn, MA, LAMFT
To Register: 

To register please click here or call (612) 767-7044.