Why Adler? How Individual Psychology Relates to Everything... Yes, Everything (click here for more)

2/10/2018 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

Adler was a genius far ahead of his time. Eighty years after his death, contemporary psychologists are, with increasing regularity, publishing landmark studies that appear to reveal “new” levels of understanding that promise to change the course of human understanding. Without exception, these reports further validate the descriptions offered by Adler years ago. In this program, the foundational elements of Adlerian/Dreikursian theory are presented reactive to their relationship between topics in contemporary society, including empirical and popular psychology. These principles will then be compiled to present a model of treatment that incorporates contemporary ideas and that contributes to a focused process of growth and change. To register please click HERE. To participate in the workshop package please contact Evelyn Haas at (612) 767-7044.

This workshop will be led by Paul Rasmussen, PhD

Paul Rasmussen, PhD
To Register: 

To register please click here or call (612) 767-7044.