The Adler Institute for Professional Development and Continuing Education

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As the Adler Graduate School (AGS) was being founded, no one could have anticipated the challenges facing higher education institutions in 2017 including increased competition for qualified students, the demands of state boards, regional and profession-specific accreditors, student learning outcomes and assessment requirements, online learning, international requirements, and on and on.  In the face of these and other influences, AGS has decided to explore the re-opening of an institute, which would complement the Adler Graduate School’s current programming.  Needless to say, administering an institute and a small college, which AGS has effectively become, are two different things.  However, an institute and a graduate school need not be mutually exclusive.

As a new initiative that honors the early work of the Minnesota Adlerian Society and connects with community members, alumni, current students, and other professionals, the Adler Graduate School is proud to announce the development of the Adler Institute for Professional Development and Continuing Education. 

The creation of a distinctive Institute as part of AGS allows the graduate school to focus on training new professionals in the foundations of Adlerian Psychology, as well as preparing them for state licensure requirements, national certification standards, and the portability necessary to move from state-to-state.  By adding a complementary institute for professional development, we will also honor our beginnings as a close-knit group of professionals who came together for the free exchange of ideas and the ongoing development and promotion of Adlerian Psychology.  This ongoing free-exchange of ideas will serve to support and revitalize both current and future members of our Adlerian community, honor Adlerian traditions, and lead to new or enhanced programming here at the Adler Graduate School. 

Unlike the graduate school itself, a parallel institute will not necessarily have to meet all of the challenges of state licensure boards (other than CEU pre-certification) and the demands of profession-specific accreditation.  Participants in an institute could receive professional support and consultation, continuing education certifications, or even graduate credits, depending on the scope and purpose of the individual events.


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