Alumni Association Committee

The committee members are dedicated to engage fellow alumni members and students to build and deepen their ties to the Adler Graduate School and the community. Alumni members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from their life experiences and careers and the Alumni Association needs their participation in the decision-making processes, as well as, to help manage volunteer projects to fulfill the Alumni Association’s vision, mission and goals.

The Alumni Association wants very much to add additional alumni as volunteers to serve on the committee.


The current committee is made up of the following alumni volunteers:

Linda LaBarre, MA,LAMFT, AGSAA President

Chris Garwick-Foley, MA

Dan Haugen, PhD, (AGS president, School Liaison)

Marilyn Hesser, MA,

Amy Hodgson, MA LMFT

Priscilla MacDougall, MA, M.Div.

Tim Russ, MA, LMFT

Lori Thibodeau, MA



For more information about how you can become a member of the Alumni Association Committee, please contact


Adler Graduate School Alumni Association Handbook

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